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So you are starting your own business! Congratulations on this new step in your life. If you haven’t jumped in with both feet just yet let us see what we can help you do to set your new endeavor up for success from the beginning.

Do you have the fantastic business plan and/or products/services that you have been working on diligently? There are many items that are priority one for you. Before you can really make that vision into reality it is so very to be well versed on the start up requirement, procedures, policies as well as the different phases of opening a business in Ogden Utah. There are diverse situations and requirements with business laws which are ever changing in the Utah. Each city has a set of codes as well. There are procedures, rules, fee, codes and many other items that must be followed based on state, city, county, and federal levels. Have you decided which will be the best for yow? Are you planning on being a LLC, S-Corporation, or maybe stay Sole proprietor? Will you be investing and combining companies or will you have a partner? How many employees do you anticipate now or in the future? Did you know that In order to get your EIN tax ID and local business license you will need to know these things? This is one experience that requires time in the beginning to lay the foundation for you business that is secure and stable.  You do not need a Business Lawyer to open a business. As a reputable firm, we strongly suggest that if this is your first company we highly recommend one for your initial phase and for any issues that arise. You could also use the advice of a lawyer for a review of your company to identify any risks to your business as a whole.  It is a wise choice to ensure that you are acting within the laws of Utah and the Federal government. Occasionally you may need documents, contracts and other court approved documents. We can help with:

  • Contracts
  • The Law of Corporations and Other Business Organizations
  • Pensions & Benefits
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates

This is a branch of law that examines topics that impact the operation of a business.

Having a knowledgeable, proficient, and experienced Business Lawyer is of top priority when it comes to all phases of business. There are numerous situations that can occur when you began running a business haphazardly and handling things “as they happen”.  If nothing else, pursuing information from a Business Law Attorney in Ogden and throughout Utah can help keep you well informed. Business Lawyers can help when you find yourself in a legitimate legal matters that can be troublesome for both you and your organization.  When issues come up you and your Ogden Business Lawyer will be more than prepared. Knowledge is power!

Attorney Stevens Business Law Consultation

Attorney Stevens Business Law Consultation

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