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If you have been charged with a crime in Ogden, Davis County, Weber County, Utah County or Salt Lake County, and your rights and freedom are on the line we can help.  Are you likely facing substantial fines and jail time?  Try not to be tempted into thinking  that you can save money and embarrassment  “doing it yourself” theories.  Facing the prosecutor and government without a plan for your defense is risky and can have serious consequences that can change you life, job, family and living arrangements.  You need an experienced and competent Criminal Defense Lawyer Ogden to avoid the implications of your charges.  Our legal system is fraught with complexities and you can’t expect to know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system.  You need an Criminal Defense Attorney in Ogden with experience in the law and procedure of our Utah court system.

Our Ogden Law firm, provides Criminal Defense Lawyer services in Weber, Davis, and Salt lake Counties. Rest assured, you will retain a dedicated and knowledgeable legal counsel ready to fight for your rights.  If you have been charged with a crime you need to act now.  Criminal acts require specific actions, by a specific qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer, and if the evidence does not support the mandatory elements, you can’t be convicted.  It is essential that you act promptly to preserve evidence which may exonerate your charges.  Don’t stand by and let your rights be washed away. You don’t have to simply enter a plea because the prosecution says it is the best you will do.  Call Stevens Law, your Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer today for your FREE consultation.

Stevens Law represents clients in a variety of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to felony cases.  We can help with the array of criminal charges and will work for you!!  We serve all of Northern Utah and look forward to helping you.

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Ogden Office 41.223070, -111.973983   Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved. At Stevens & Gailey Divorce Lawyers Ogden, Utah our goal is to make the system as quick, painless and low-priced as promising. Our Ogden Divorce Law firm will labor to help you reach a fair outcome of all concerns and disputes that may be a portion of your divorce process, including: Succeeding an equitable separation of properties and obligations of debts such as Car loans, Mortgages, Checking and savings accounts, retirement plans, educational funds for kids, settlements pending, inheritance pending or future, and any business interests you or your ex may have. If there are children, defining the custodial parent and drafting a custody and visitation agreement that is in the best interests of your children. Defining child support obligations based on Utah’s calculator. We always suggest making payments of child support as soon as separation as the court can go back and make you pay. Even f it’s not right and is less than you should, the courts usually side with you and don’t make you pay the difference, based on that you were paying in good faith. If there are children, we will figure out how much if any alimony you would pay out or be expected to per courts. Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyers Stevens & Gailey. American Fork Criminal Defense lawyers Stevens & Gailey. Provo Criminal Defense Lawyers, Utah County Criminal Defense Lawyers, Provo Divorce Lawyers, Weber County Divorce Lawyer, Davis County Divorce Lawyer, Weber County Criminal Defense Lawyer, Davis Criminal Defense Lawyer, Salt lake City Criminal Defense Lawyer, Salt lake City Divorce Lawyer, Salt Lake County Divorce lawyer, Salt lake County Criminal Defense Lawyer Criminal Defense Lawyers Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyer Ogden Criminal Defense Attorneys Ogden Criminal Defense Attorney Ogden Criminal Defense Lawyers Ogden utah Criminal Defense Lawyer Ogden utah Criminal Defense Attorneys Ogden utah Criminal Defense Attorney Ogden utah   Divorce Lawyer Ogden